Words of Summer

Διαβάστε την ελεύθερη πτήση στα ελληνικά.

Words, words have fluidity. They have energy and life. Words can heal! That’s what words do. They come to those in need, they lie down lustfully and gracefully beside them, they dance and they resurrect absences. Every word is a resurrection! Look! You mouth open sea and you see it spreading in front of you! You talk of summer and the words blur under the hot sun! Yes! Because, I haven’t told you: words have an enormous love, a passion for this season! When the summer courts with words, they dive for its sake into the most beautiful crystal blue, ridding themselves of the dust of every day’s use. They offer themselves, innocent, howling along to the children’s laughter at midday, playing with them upon the hot rocks of the island. They faint and break free on the lips of adolescent couples, into the whispers of everlasting summertime promises.

By its side they regain their poetic substance. Words have a love for summer. And when they crave to be with it, they call it, whispering into its ear. Sun… they say! Wave and gold windrows! Pine needles! Saltiness! They say stillness and hot breath! Sand and pebble and etesian wind! They say, meltemi!

That’s what words do when they get tangled up into summer. They heal themselves. So that, then, they can heal others, by resurrecting absences. Yes! Each word is a resurrection!

Say thyme and honey, and then smell! Say afternoon heat and close your eyes from the glare! Say burning, smitten from the heat bodies, and roll yourself on sweaty sheets. Grape! Say grape and feel the juice sticking onto your fingers!

Say open sea and watch it in front of you!

Words have a love for Summer. Now and forever. Eternal…

before eternal was even discovered

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