The Lataria

Photo: Therma 1957, Konstantinos Stamoulis -

*Lataria: young, handsome studs of the time, eager to serve and promote the therapeutic tourism of Ikaria.

During the time that the baths at Therma prospered and a lot of people flooded the area around Aghios for its therapeutic baths, an anecdote spread from mouth to mouth.

It turns out that the mayor at the time had assigned the Lataria of the area to promote the baths. As you may have heard, Spilia, at Therma, was a place that helped women get over any gynecological and infertility issues they might face. So, a lot of women, that had problems conceiving or could not carry to term, visited Spilia to take baths. To be clear, they came to get pregnant. All by themselves…!!!!

In some cases, though, the Lataria came into action to help fulfil the promise of fertility.

Eventually, some night, one of the Lataria met with a bather at hotel room at Therma. As those two were in the room, somebody yelled through the window that the woman’s husband was on board the ship that had just arrived at the port.

Panic! The Latari grabbed his clothes in a hurry and jumped from the window to the street, naked like the day his was born. At the same time an old man happened to walk by the hotel, carrying some empty milk buckets. As soon as he sees the Latari totally naked in front of him, he throws the buckets on the street and starts running, meanwhile holding his ass.

Some neighbors that happened to witness the incident asked later the old man why he ran, and why on earth was he holding his ass. He answered:

“Well, I saw him like that, all randy, and I got frightened! How was I to know if he had managed to get some already?”

Teta Georgakopoulou for

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