The spear gun

Διαβάστε την ελεύθερη πτήση στα ελληνικά εδώ.

We have been at the island since the beginning of June. My mom, my siblings and me. My dad didn’t have many vacation days and would be a while until he arrived. I don’t know why, but during that summer I was looking extremely forward to seeing him. Maybe, all summers were like this, and I kept this in memory because things didn’t go exactly as I was hoping for.

The ship arrived at Aghios Kyrikos late in the afternoon. The sun was gone, but there was still light. My dad got off, I guess he must have kissed everyone (although I don’t remember), he gave my mon his luggage, which she put into our little LADA, and she, in turn gave him the spear gun. He didn’t go far. Just around the harbor he went and he dove in his underwear! Now, that is something I remember for certain! My childish mind was shaken.

How could it be even possible that he didn’t want to be with me? To play? To hung out? Didn’t he miss me at all?

Years later I see this memory from its positive side and I wink at my father, who might be watching from somewhere.

Whatever happens, no matter how many kids you have, how much work you have to do, even if your obligations are more that the fish in the sea, we should always, always find the time to go fishing with your spear gun.

Or whatever else!

Elektra Pasti for