Telecommunications in Ikaria during the ‘50s

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During the ‘50s, but even later, communication though mail or telephone was rather difficult. Especially in Ikaria that was a secluded island.

Post-delivery took at least 20 days.

In Aghios Kyrikos, the postman, widely known as “Theofilos”, went around the coffee shops, and with the help of a bullhorn, called for everyone to collect their mail.

The center of communications, back then, was known as PTT (Postal, Telephone & Telegraph Service)In order for someone to talk on the phone, a message was sent a couple of days prior, informing them of the exact date and time they should come by the PTT in order to wait for their call. Such services were available only in Aghios Kyrikos and Christos.


The carte postales shown were sent form the Drosou family to the Gkiouremou family on 1951 and 1953.

The photographs were taken by the, then, photographer of the island, Kostas Karimalis (also known by the nickname “Satan”).

From the Gkiouremou family archive.

Myrto Axarli. Translation:

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