The Brides of Icaria - Send us your photos organizes, for the 4th time, the Icarian Days of Contemporary Creations in Athens (àrtεις; fest). This Festival makes us proud, happy and above all, combines everything we love about this island, presenting our complex, weird view of Icaria, with the help of various old and new means.

If you want to get an idea about our previous festivals you can visit à

This year’s àrteis will take place on the 3rd week of December 2017 at Metamatic:taf in the center of Athens. This year’s theme is Love, and for its sake the festival is renamed to Àrtεις Love?.

But to make it all happen we need your help! The Brides of Icaria will be a demanding installation, both aesthetically and technologically, dedicated to the brides of the island.

What do we need from you? Go through your family archives, find photographs of Icarian Brides (the photos can be taken either on the island or elsewhere, showing the brides either by themselves or with the grooms and families), photograph or scan them (in high resolution) and email them to

It would be extremely useful if you could accompany the pictures with a brief description as well (i.e. your name, the names of the people depicted, a few words on their love story, and/or marriage).

All these photographs will be published from now on under the “Images of Icaria of the Past” section, and on Instagram with the hashtag #ArteisErota and #ikariagram of
Finally, all the selected photographs will be included in the creative installation “Brides of Icaria” at the Àrtεις Love Fest.

Happy hunting and… “sta dika sas”!

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